The city of freedom

There are people who say that Amsterdam is the city of sin and there are people who say that Amsterdam is the city of freedom. I’m a person who hates it with a burning passion when someone says that I can’t do something,when something is prohibited to me,even if I have no desire to do it at all. I love to have my freedom of choice to do anything I want and that’s why I felt a pull towards Amsterdam for several years.

Amsterdam is a very liberal city, actually the whole of the Netherlands is. Having been born in Germany close to the Germany-Holland border but never been to Holland being older than a couple months, it really seemed to pull me towards this country even more. And when I found 15 euro bus tickets from Paris to Amsterdam(thank you megabus!) I just knew that I absolutely had to go.

At first an 8.5 hour bus ride with no stops seemed like a ride to hell but it came out that the bus was really comfortable with wifi, plugs for your phone and even several stops in different countries(even got to see a little bit of Brussels) so in the end the bus ride was even better than most planes.

I didn’t have a place to stay until a few days before getting there a woman messaged me saying that I could stay with her family, saved my trip, otherwise I would have gone straight to Germany. I only had 2 full days in Amsterdam and took the most of it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous! The canals, the little boats, the houseboats people live in, the houses, the people – everything is so beautiful. But there were so many people! For such a small city there were far too many people, I can’t even imagine how it is during spring when all the tourists go to see the flowers bloom.

Amsterdam is so interesting! So many museums and parks to go to. So many different people with different backgrounds and lives. So many opportunities to be anyone you want.

For anyone thinking of going to Amsterdam, please do you research first! I went there without knowing a lot about the city and I spent most of my first day having no idea where I am and how to get anywhere. In the end it was good because I found so many cute tiny places that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise but at the time I literally didn’t understand anything because the city goes in circles and it’s so hard to get around. Also, really look around when you walk. I have no idea how many times I almost got run over by a bicycle haha. (And don’t underestimate people travelling there, you WILL smell of weed once you get home, the smell will surround you everywhere. I was on a bus from Amsterdam to Cologne and a couple of guys were rolling a joint on the bus, it’s totally normal)

Otherwise, the city is a must visit. It’s gorgeous, the people are so nice and friendly, there is so much to see and you won’t get bored. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back there soon enough and then I’ll be a bit more prepared.

During that trip I even managed to go out and eat by myself, thankfully I was accompanied by a local cat that slept on a chair outside and didn’t seem to want to go anywhere else, so I wasn’t completely alone.

Unfortunately that trip came to an end far too quickly but I did manage to fall in love with Amsterdam during that time. We will hopefully see again soon.




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