All about solo travel

Last year, as time got closer to me graduating high school, I started to plan a trip around Europe. I had the main place – Ibiza – on my mind and I thought where to go after that. I ended up planning the whole trip as a solo trip, I did invite some friends to some parts of the trip but ultimately I wanted to do this all on my own. It never occurred to me to invite someone with me for the whole trip – it did have something to do with the fact that I only have 1 or 2 people in my life who I wouldn’t get tired of, but they had other plans, so there I went.

As the time got closer, the more nervous I got. I began thinking if going alone is a good idea. If I would manage it all on my own. If I would return home safely. But behind these thoughts was also another thought – this will completely change your life. Knowing myself and trusting my instincts I started to gather information about what to do and avoid while solo travelling. Especially while solo travelling as a young woman. It’s a scary world after all and there are so many strange people out there and you always have to think of your safety. So here are some things I noticed that truly do help while travelling alone:

1.Always notice your surroundings

When you’re walking on the streets, look around yourself. If you see someone sketchy fasten your pace and make sure all your belongings are secure. Don’t leave your stuff hanging out, that way you won’t have them for much longer. Take your head out of the sky and be cautious!

2.Trust your instincts

Always trust your instincts! If you feel bad about some place or someone, leave. It doesn’t matter how cheap the hostel is, if you don’t feel safe it’s not worth it. Same with people. You may feel lonely while travelling alone but never stay with a person if your gut tells you to go.

3.Find out what are the places you shouldn’t go alone at night

Google the place you’re staying at. Search the safe areas and the sketchier areas. Every city has a place where it’s not really good to go to alone. Especially if you’re a woman and it’s night-time. Staying safe is the most important part of solo travelling!

4.Try to make friends

It may feel lonely while solo travelling, but it gives you an amazing opportunity to make friends! The best way is to stay at a youth hostel and just go up to someone there and start talking. Also if you’re on a budget, you could couchsurf and meet locals!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Me and my German friend

5.Don’t get blackout drunk!

A few drinks are completely okay, but know your limit! If you get blackout drunk while being alone or with some people you’ve just met you can’t really trust anyone. So take care of yourself and stay safe! 🙂

All in all, just have fun! Live your life and travel the world! Don’t give up on your travels just because your friends don’t have time. Go there on your own and you will love it!



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