Roadtrip to the coast of California

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with my mom’s childhood friend’s family here in California and since they’re such amazing people, they took me to the central coast of California, to see Monterey and Carmel. Those places were on my list of California must see places and thanks to them I could finally make it there.

The drive from San Jose to Monterey was gorgeous with the sun, green hills and mountains in the background. As we got closer to the coast, it got really foggy. So foggy that everything was grey, but that made me happy, me being a European and being used to fog and rain really comes in handy when you haven’t seen rain or fog in a long time. The fog and the smell of  the sea made me feel like I was back on the little island  that I grew up on.


Monterey itself is a cute little town with gorgeous views of the ocean and the possibility of going on the ocean with a boat and seeing the whales. Real life whales!! We, unfortunately, didn’t do it this time(or maybe it’s actually good, it sounds scary as hell), but who knows, maybe I can manage to go back and do it some other time.

We spent our time walking around the Cannery Row, visiting tiny little souvenir shops, watching the waves and finally having lunch at a seriously overpriced restaurant. I loved every second of it.

After Monterey, we decided to make our way to Carmel, a little coast side town. My sister recommended the 17-mile drive but thankfully it had just closed(national parks in America close after sunset) because I really didn’t feel like paying 10 dollars for a park, especially since the weather was foggy. And as it came out, Carmel was actually only a couple of miles away, making a 17-mile drive pointless for us anyways.

The drive to Carmel was magical – deep forest, occasional ocean views, fog and the last rays of sunlight. Carmel itself was also magical, the christmas lights shining through the darkness, it almost felt magical. We visited a very luxorious and overpriced christmas store, wandered around the town a bit, got hot chocolate and started on our way home.


Since there had been an accident on the highway, the GPS led us on a small mountain road, cool at first, but as it was dark, foggy and an unfamiliar road, it soon became a bit terrifying. At one point we turned on a wrong road and headed up the hill on a one way road with no cell service, GPS or any other car around us – with me, someone who has never lived close to mountains, being really anxious of all of it. Thankfully we managed to turn around and get home safely – with a lot of memories.

(The pictures with obviously better quality are taken by Adelle AKA


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  1. Oh we took the route from SF down to Monterey. Perhaps we were lucky, cos the weather was nice (it was June this year). But next time we want to drive all the way from SF to Los Angeles!


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