Marin County – the gem of Northern California

(All the pictures in this post were taken by Adelle – if not stated otherwise)

There is something so unbelievably breathtaking seeing the Golden Gate Bridge up close and driving over it. I would’ve never thought that I’d love a bridge that much – I mean it’s just a bridge. But seeing it half hidden in the fog, seeing it in the dark or seeing it during the sunset – you can’t help but love it. It’s extraordinary.

Last Sunday we made our way to the Marin County, with our main focus on the Golden Gate, because you can’t say you lived in California if you didn’t have a great picture with it. Seeing the bridge’s top from the car window made me feel so excited, I literally felt like a little kid. And don’t even get me started on the drive over the bridge, I don’t think I put my phone down – I must have hundreds of pictures of just us driving over it.

There are three viewing points that we found, and we stopped at each one of them. The furthest one had the best scenic views, truly breathtaking, although the bridge was quite far. The middle one wasn’t anything exciting but the one closest to the bride was AMAZING. We had to walk a little to get the best view of the bridge but the walk itself had an amazing view of San Francisco and the ocean. (And as you can see, I obviously didn’t think my outfit through – do not wear oversized clothes on a windy day)

After crying over how perfect the view was, we made our way to one of the small towns on Marin County – Sausalito. Sausalito is the most European-looking town I’ve seen in America, it’s almost as if they tried to make it look European on purpose, and who knows, maybe they did. It’s a cute little town with an amazing view over San Francisco, a small harbor and little houses on mountains that probably have the million dollar view from their windows.

We spent a couple of hours just walking around, having lunch and talking about how adorable this little town is. Then we decided to drive around the county and see other gorgeous places. The roads were really winding and mostly went uphill, so I wouldn’t recommend that if you get carsick, but the views were so worth it. We actually had to stop by the side of the road a couple of times because it all looked too beautiful.

Eventually, we ended up at the Muir Beach Overlook for sunset. It was cold, the sky was blue/pink/yellow and there was a small wedding happening – it was magical.

We ended our perfect day with going back to the Golden Gate viewing points because that view was something we couldn’t miss. I literally couldn’t believe that it was real life, it seemed too perfect to be true, and as always, the pictures don’t do its justice.

More about California in the next post!


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